We believe in the Power Within.

We are manufacturing Electrical Control Panels:

Our factory for manufacturing of Electrical Control Panels is at T.T.C. Industrial area, Navi Mumbai, occupying 7200 Sq. Ft. area and equipped with latest sheet metal fabrication machinery. Since all the manufacturing activities, including operational and electrical tests are carried out under one roof; we control the quality at every stage of manufacturing and produce the highest quality product in meeting our clients’ needs.

Our panels have successfully passed following Tests at CPRI.

  • Short Circuit Test 50KA, 1 Sec.
  • Temperature Rise Test.
  • Enclosure test IP55.

This manufacturing base, also gives us excellent back up for our electrification contract jobs, which are being carried out at different sites. We give top priority to the quality of work, and shall provide materials and workmanship of the highest standard.

Synchronizing Panel
Synchronizing Panel works between two or more different power sources like DG sets to manage power supply. Synchronization helps in making different DG sets behave as a virtual single unit and eliminates subdivision of total load. It helps in transferring load from one unit to another during service period, so that the unit requiring service can be easily shut off.
Low Tension Power Panel
LT Panel is an electrical distribution board that receives power from generator or transformer and distributes the same to various electronic devices and distribution boards. Such panels are used in industries both for internal and external use and, therefore, they are quite rugged to withstand different climatic conditions.
Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel
Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel is fully automatic in operation and can achieve desired Power Factor under fluctuating load conditions. Improved Power Factor helps optimum utilization of Power and eliminates Power Factor Penalty.
Power Control Center Panels
Its basic function is to control power supply to various units and equipments as per their load requirement so that they can work in harmony.
Motor Control Centre Panels
These are effectively used with motors or submersible pumps to provide sufficient protection from overloads and short circuits. These are high on performance, require low maintenance and can withstand extreme temperature variations
Lighting Distribution Board
Lighting Distribution Boards are generally used for distribution of lighting circuits through ELCBs and MCBs. Also small power sockets are provided power supply through panels. These are normally having double door construction increasing the safety of operating personnel.
Variable Frequency Drive Panel
These are designed to control the speed of electric motor and feed pump. They are widely used in drilling, pumping and other large machine applications. The VFD panels are widely used in tube mills, paper mills, extruder plants, rolling Mills, cable industry and CTL Lines. They are even installed in hospitals, business houses and other public places.
Feeder Pillar Panel
The feeder pillar panels are used to terminate and distribute the control circuits. These are used in almost all the industries, townships and housing societies to put all the cut-outs together.
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